Cake Pops!

16 Nov

Part cupcake and part lollipop. Taking the best of both worlds, together they create the glorious Cake pop! The new trend in desserts nowadays seems to be to make them into bite-size indulgences in an attempt to cut calories. These mini treats are made of cake, icing, a chocolate coating, and decorative sprinkles or candy pieces.

The first time I heard of cake pops was when Starbucks came out with them. They have 3 different flavors: Birthday,Rocky Road, and Tiramisu. I thought these cake pops looked really cute; almost too good to eat! Starbucks has a line of bite-sized desserts called “Starbucks Petites” and in addition to the cake pops, they also offer mini Red Velvet whoopie pies, mini cupcakes (carrot cake or peanut butter flavored), and sweet squares (lemon or salty caramel). Sadly, I have yet to try any of these treats from Starbucks! Has anyone tried them? If so, what’s the verdict?

Cake pops from Starbucks

Over the summer, I had the chance to make my own cake pops. We tried to make them in the shape of little cupcakes…but as you will see later on it was harder than we thought. It was a long process but the results were definitely worth it!! We sort of followed a recipe by Bakerella that we found online and we just bought the cake mix and icing from the grocery store and the colored chocolate from Bulk Barn.

What we used to make these cake pops are:

1 baked cake (from a box cake mix or from scratch, any flavor)
1 can of cream cheese frosting or any flavor you desire (about 2 cups equivalent from scratch)
1 package chocolate bark
blue & white melting chocolate
bowls for dipping
wax paper
lollipop sticks
rainbow sprinkles
styrofoam block

First of all, we baked the cake and let it cool (we chose to use french vanilla cake mix). Then, we used a fork to break apart the cake into crumbs. This took a bit of time since we wanted to make sure every piece was crumbled properly into a fine consistency.

Next, we mixed in the cream cheese frosting with a spoon and made sure all the frosting was incorporated well with the cake crumbs. Then, of course we tasted the mixture which was obviously a VERY important step 🙂 (tasted like very vanilla-y cookie dough!).

We tried putting the cake mixture through a miniature circular cookie cutter and used a fork to make lines so it would look like a cupcake, but that kind of failed and seemed to take too long…so we ended up shaping the rest into balls since it was much easier.


After shaping, we popped the trays lined with wax paper into the freezer for about 15 minutes to let it set a bit. Then we took them out and were ready to cover them in chocolate and sprinkles. We dipped half of the cake in chocolate then stuck a lollipop stick in them and let the chocolate dry. Once dry, we drowned the other half of the ball into a different colored chocolate and covered it in sprinkles and stuck them in the styrofoam block to dry. We used brown, blue, and white decorative chocolate and rainbow sprinkles which I think made a very beautiful color combination!


The cake pops turned out very nice with a moist cake filled center and creamy chocolate on the outside. If you have a sweet tooth you will love these! I highly suggest that you try them out if you get a chance; they are great for parties and entertaining guests! It’s also very fun to make and definitely child-friendly as well.  

The final product!


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