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14 Oct

Food is so amazingly diverse. One ingredient can be used in a countless number of ways. Take a simple food like apples for example: some people stuff it in their porkchops, some people put it in their pies, and some people bake them. Same ingredient, but it can look and taste completely different depending on what it is paired with and how it is cooked (or not cooked…).

"Apple" Pie...clever right?

The food industry is never static. Instead, they are ever-changing as they constantly strive to provide consumers with new ways to eat their food. These days, people are coming up with more and more bizarre food products that combine unlikely ingredients together to make something that is truly out of this world. No matter how disgusting and repulsive you may think it is, something about these foods compels us to try it; even if it’s only a bite. I must admit, when I see food that I’ve never seen before, I am intrigued and automatically want to try it. Whenever I go to a restaurant, I like to test the waters and try something that I’ve never eaten before. Even if it’s at a restaurant that I frequently go to, I try to pick something different from the menu each time. What can I say, when it comes to food, I like to be adventurous! To me, food is more than something we consume just to stay alive. It is something that should be admired, enjoyed, and savoured, so why not make it as interesting as can be?

If you’re someone that thinks food is boring and bland, this blog may be perfect for you! I will be introducing you to various unexpected and innovative foods that will definitely peak your interest. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be willing to go out and try a bite of these unique creations! Stay tuned and… 

 Welcome to the wonderful world of Novelty Eats!  🙂


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Image: http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/ApplePie